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ASA South 4 grade win ZG’s – D3 MA State Championship

Congratulations to ASA South’s 4th grade team, Coached by Mat Antoine, on their 2019 ZG State Championship win this past weekend!!

This is ASA’s inaugural AAU season on the South Shore, and so far, all 5 teams have impressed with their on and off court presence.  Mat Antoine, assisted by coaches Armani Alleyne and Matt Hester, ASA South’s teams, highlighted by the 4th grade team, are playing with a real high level of confidence, energy, commitment and will to win.  Their team first attitudes have propelled them on the court and created a fun environment off the court.   With coaches, players and parents who are fully committed to the team and program, there’s no telling on high the ceiling is for ASA South!
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Justice Grant (ZG Battle for the Belt MVP)

Justice “Solent Assassin” Grant had a monster weekend at ZG Battle for the Belt! Against the big name teams like Expressions he scored 15 points (11 in the 2nd half) to help ASA Select 2027 cruise to a 30 point win. All weekend long Justice got buckets and he doesn’t say much but just keeps doing it over and over again. He helped lead ASA Select 2027 to the Belt as they won every game by 20+ points! He is the youngest player on this team and just turned 9 years old. We can’t wait to see what this young phenom can do in the near future.

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Patrick Otey Battle of the Belt


Patrick Otey has been in the ASA program since he was in 2nd grade. He has proven to be one of the most reliable players every song game. At ZG Battle for the Belt his ability to effect the game in every way was impressive. He guarded the other teams best player, was the leading scorer for the weekend and leading rebounder, to help ASA Select 2026 win the Belt in a dominating fashion!

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Liz Johnson Class of 2024

Class of 2024 Liz Johnson is making great strides in her game. She was our first recipient of the “best communicator” award at practice and played extremely well on both sides of the ball.  She was constantly in the passing lanes on defense disrupting the opponents offense throughout the weekend.  Were excited about the her growth and looking forward to her continued success spring 2019.

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Ido Geffen

#8 Ido Geffen c/o 2025 had a monster weekend at ZG Mass Madness. He put up big numbers in the championship game to lead ASA Select to the victory. Tallying up 25 pts, 8 rebounds and 4 assists he had a complete game and locked down the opposing teams top wing. Ido can do it all, a scary talent and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young star.


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Jayden Gibson Player of the Week

Jayden Gibson player of the week for ASA Select 4th. He led his team to a ZG NERR championship in a dominating fashion. The big man can do it all drive, shoot, rebound and defend. His finishing ability around the rim and ability have defenders bounce off is reminiscent of Charles Barkley! Can’t wait to watch with this young star grow.



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