AAU Spring 2020 Program Packages coming soon 

AAU Spring 2020 Program Packages 

ASA is offering programs for boys and girls in Spring 2020.

Ala Carte items available for both programs

Gear item prices TBD

AAU Loyalty Program

In the spring of 2016 ASA Hoops will be rolling out it’s AAU Loyalty program. ASA Hoops will be offering an incentive based program for boys and girls who stay loyal to ASA. ASA Hoops is a unique and diverse company that is a 1 stop shop for all you basketball needs. We are not only an AAU programs but offer summer camps, clinics, classes, personal basketball training.

No other program in New England offers as many camps, clinics, and classes as ASA. Stay loyal and get rewarded. All ASA AAU players will receive a base 15% off of any ASA camp, clinic or class in year 1 of their participation. Each consecutive year of AAU participation will result in an additional 3% percent added to ones discount. For example in year two a player would receive 18% off our offerings, in year 3, 21% percent off and so on. For our families the saving’s could be substantial over your child’s youth basketball career. This discount does not apply to AAU fee’s uniform or Nike Camps.