Playing Time

The amount of playing time a player receives will vary based on skill set, the skills of teammates, the opponent, attendance at practice, and each Coach’s philosophy. Unlike recreation or other youth basketball programs, there is no minimum playing time or a guarantee that everyone will play in every game.

In the event that you need to discuss your son’s or daughter’s playing time in basketball games, the first (and best) step is always to speak directly with the coaching staff.

The Head Coach has the final say about the playing time of members on his or her team.

Does my child have to attend all Practices and Games?

For athletes who make our Select teams we do require a that all practices and games are attend. For athletes on Excel teams we strongly encourage all to attend however we do understand these athletes may have other commitments as well. We ask that these participants make every effort to be good teammates and value the importance of attendance.

How often will my child practice?

Practice on average is 2 nights per week

What is Fall / Spring season time line?

Fall Tryouts typically take place in late Fall, with team practice starting Mid-September and ending by early November. Spring Tryouts could take place as early as January with team practices starting in early March and possibly lasting until June / July.

What is AAU Basketball?

AAU Basketball is a board term used for club basketball. AAU teams will typically enter into 5-10 tournaments during the Spring and 4-6 Tournaments during the Fall Season.