Ose OkhihanAAU Coach

    Ose Okhihan

    Ose Okhihan coaches the 6th grade ASA team. A native of Everett MA, he attended Salem State University where he received his bachelors in Sports Management. Ose has been volunteering to coach and train youths in basketball since he finished highschool and has a passion for the sport. He has played in multiple Men’s basketball leagues in the past and led his Intramural team to Back to back finals championships wins from 2008 &2009 during his time at Umass Boston. His AAU duties include coaching one of the sixth-grade ASA teams and running skills practice with the 5th and 6th graders. Ose has worked at multiple ASA summer camps.He has a passionfor athletics and will go back to school and pursue a career in education while expanding his knowledge of basketball.