# Player
00 Cole, Eli
33 Connolly, Joe
23 williams, Jay
7 Uluer, Aydin
1 Catuna, Grant
44 Levi, Nov
21 Giffee, Justin
3 Cho, Matthew
Ward, Stephen
Woo, Jared
5 Azums, Ikenna

Team News

Jayden Gibson Player of the Week

Jayden Gibson player of the week for ASA Select 4th. He led his team to a ZG NERR championship in a dominating fashion. The big man can do it all drive, shoot, rebound and defend. His finishing ability around the rim and ability have defenders bounce off is reminiscent of Charles Barkley! Can’t wait to watch with this young star grow.



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Micah Taylor, 14U, G, #36, shines at the ZG Mass State Tournament

Dateline:  May 5-6, 2018 @ the Zero Gravity Mass State Tournament!

Micah, a new player to the ASA Hoops family, really showed up and helped lead his 14U D3 team this past weekend.  He has quickly become a player his teammates come to rely on for great decisions, timely shots and lockdown defense against the opponents best guards.

We’re really looking forward to Micah’s continued growth and leadership here at ASA Hoops!


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Sam Pantera (6th West – #50)-

Sam Pantera (6th West – #50)-
Sam is a monster. Averaging a double double on the season, he is a true leader for 6th West. With out much size on the roster, Sam is asked to take on a huge workload, while playing extended minutes for a big man. He has made his presence known down low, and from the outside, as he can stretch it out when need be. His ability to get rebounds and run the floor has been the biggest game changer. A Center who can handle the ball is rare, especially in 6th grade. Sam is another long time ASA Hoops vet, playing since 3rd grade. I am proud to say I have watched him develop into a Special talent over the years.
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Micah Gershenson & Lukas Essmann, ASA 11U Stars of the Weekend!

Dateline:  May 5-6, 2018, Zero Gravity Mass State Tournament

ASA Hoops 11U players, Micah Gershenson, G, #31 & Lukas Essmann, F, #77, lead their team to the D3 Semifinals!!  Without these 2 players, their team would not have had a chance against the incredible talent they battled all weekend.  Their combination of scoring, assists, rebounds and outstanding defense allowed ASA hoops 11U D3 to shine.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these 2 young men…go ASA Hoops!


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Ishan Kundu (7th Select – #25)


Ishan has had a great Season for ASA 7th grade Select.   He has been a great teammate and competitor on the court.  His most promising attribute is his ability to finish at the basket: Floaters, runners, both hand finishes, fadeaway, and-1’s. His jumper has consistently improved to the point of hitting 7 three’s this past weekend.  Perhaps the most improved aspect of his game is his defense.  Ishan has consistently taken the challenge of guarding one of the others teams best players and has thrived doing so.
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3rd grade win Massachusetts AAU D1 State Championship

ASA 3rd Select wins D1 AAU State Championship under great leadership behind star point guard Jamieson Young. Thomas Hall has an incredible championship game scoring 10 pts in the second half and really boosting team energy. Great team play and defensive efforts from Roman Allen, Eamon Kundu and Davis Young always guarding the opponents star players. Josh Tabachnick, John Sangar and Immanuel Lin did a great job playing help side defense and dominating the boards. A great weekend for ASA 3rd grade as the team continues to grow!

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4th grade boys Win Massachusetts AAU D1 Championship

What a weekend for ASA 4th Select dominating the competition and showing why they’re the best in New England. TJ Allen is an explosive player and a shutdown defender, that doesn’t back down from anyone. Dylan Coren came to play this weekend and led the team as point guard, while showcasing his incredible ball handling and court vision. He was also a leading scorer in each game. Patrick Otey, Nick Shrewsberry and Aiden Holness also had big weekends on both ends of the floor. Off the bench Ikina Okafor, Jakarta Innocent and Luke Walshek made there presence felt on the defensive and offensive end every time they got into the game. Great team Championship, every player contributed to the team success this weekend!


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